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Shepherd Of The Valley Lutheran Preschool

School Year 2018-19



         Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Preschool! We are so excited to have your child at our school. We are committed to providing an environment that will give your child every opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. The following information should assist in helping you become more acclimated with our school. As always, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


Dress Code

Please dress your child in clothing that is appropriate for preschool. This includes clothing that can get dirty as a result of painting and gardening. Please have your child wear closed toe shoes to school and girls should wear shorts under their dresses. Flip flops and Crocs can be a safety hazard while climbing.



Please drive on and off campus slowly. Children sometimes get away from parents in the parking lot and are hard to see if an adult is not at their side. We also have several families that walk to school, so when entering, and leaving the driveways, please do so with caution.


Sign in/out

All students need to be signed in and out daily. We use an electronic system called Kinderlime. Each authorized person will be given their own code to sign in with. Please sign in/out with your code on the mini iPads located by the classroom doors. If the internet is down, there will be paper sign in and out sheets outside of the classroom door.


Tuition Drop Envelope

Tuition is due on the first of each month. For your convenience we have a tuition payment envelope in the hallway across from the Library area. The envelope is marked “Tuition”. Simply Giving auto payments are also available. You may sign up for auto pay in the office.


Scholastic Book Orders/Library

During the year we will be offering Scholastic Book Orders. Orders may be placed online or given to your teacher. The book delivery will be placed in your child’s cubby. Students are welcome to enjoy the books in our library. Book bags are hung on a hook in the hallway. Please help yourself to our books and return them to the return crate when you are done. Please keep the books no longer than one week. Enjoy reading with your child!


SOTV T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Tote Bags

Each new child will receive a SOTV shirt from their teacher at their home visit. If you would like to purchase additional shirts for your child to wear to school you may do so in the office or outside on the first day of school. You will receive a tote bag on the first day of school to use for show and tell. Additional T-shirts and Tote bags cost $6.00 and Sweatshirts cost $10.


Our fundraisers are designed to give our families and community an opportunity to be involved in our school, participation is optional. The fundraisers we participate in are the Scholastic Book Fair and a dinner night out.



Our monthly newsletter will be sent out by email at the beginning of each month. Please keep the office informed if you have a change to your email.


Breakfast Bunch

Breakfast Bunch is a before class program for students from 7:45-8:45 Monday-Friday to be used as needed. Children are welcome to bring their breakfast. They will have devotions and prayer before they go to their class each day. Your child’s teacher will bring them to their class at 8:45 am. Breakfast Bunch is held in Room Luke. The daily rate for Breakfast Bunch is $2.00 per 15 minutes and will be billed at the end of each month.


Extended Program

Our Extended Program is an extension to our school day. The Extended Program consists of lunch, rest, curriculum, and play. The Extended classes are held in Rooms Genesis and Matthew. Children will bring their own lunch to the program. Pick up from the program is at 2:45 pm.


Extended Program Drop In

You may sign up for our extended program on a drop in basis if space is available. Drop in rates are $30.00 from 11:45 to 2:45. Registration forms for drop in will be in the hallway across from the library. Please check with the office on space availability before you register.


Parent Participation

Volunteer opportunities are always available. Parents are welcome to participate in the classroom. Volunteer opportunities are listed on note cards outside of each classroom, or you may also schedule a time with your child’s teacher. We also have volunteer projects that can be done at home. According to the immunization laws, parents that volunteer in the classroom will need to have proof of the Pertussis, Measles, and Flu vaccinations. Please bring your immunization records to the office before you plan on volunteering. 



You are welcome to bring in a small item for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please consider healthy options if you are bringing in a snack or non edible items. Cupcakes are not permitted. Please check with your child’s teacher about food allergies in the classroom. Party invitations are only allowed in the cubbies if the whole class is invited. We will provide you with a class list if you would like to mail the invitations.



Portrait opportunities are available in the fall and spring. Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classes will be photographed in a cap and gown for graduation in the spring. The portraits are an opportunity for you to have your child’s photo if you choose. Siblings are also welcome to be photographed.


Exterior Doors/Visitors

To ensure the safety of our children our exterior doors will be locked during the day. We will unlock them at drop off and pick up times. If you have a need to pick up your child early or are arriving late please come to the office.



While our students are on our playground they are supervised by our staff. Licensing requires our staff members to be on the playground at all times while children are at play. Therefore, our playground needs to be closed for recreational play after or before school. We encourage our families to make play dates at one of our nearby parks. 


Emergency Phone Numbers

In the event of an emergency and our phone system is down, you may contact us on our cell phones. 

Tania Kennedy- (408) 204-4049 or Lori Petrehn- (408) 679-0623


Web Site

Please visit our web site at www.shepherdofthevalleypreschool.com 


Thank you again for choosing Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Preschool.  It is our honor and pleasure to be serving your family.  May God bless you throughout this school year!

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