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Pre-Kindergarten Program

The pre Kindergarten program is a blend of academics and developmental activities in which social interaction skills are fostered in a loving environment.

The reading readiness curriculum used for the Pre-Kindergarten is one that lays the foundation for a child’s understanding of letters. The child learns about the alphabet, the letter names, how to write the letters, what sounds the letters represent, and what function the letters serve as their sounds are blended to form words. All 26 letters of the alphabet are introduced, including the short and long vowel sounds.

The language arts program uses various methods to introduce and reinforce understanding including formal practice, games, hands-on activities, music and cooking.

The math readiness curriculum includes number identification, formation of the numerals, counting, patterning, sorting, and graphing with various items such as buttons, cheerios, m&m’s and seasonal items. Math is related to real life experiences as children count together classmates, snack items, and art/craft materials that they themselves may need to count out before beginning a project. The calendar is used daily, teaching by rote. Counting, numeral recognition, and the concept of time are discussed daily during circle time.

Monthly themes determine the science and social study curriculum units.

The daily schedule may consist of academic lessons, open manipulative play, arts/crafts, circle time (story, calendar, music and singing), cooking and large motor play outside. There is a weekly 15 minute chapel time held in the church and a 15 minute music and movement lesson taught by the music teacher.

We strive to maintain a balance in every area of our program. Our hope is that each individual child is exposed to a healthy learning environment that creates self-confidence in oneself.

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