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Our Curriculum

Young children are learning all the time from their experiences, in and out of school. It is our goal at SOTV to give your child a love for learning. Our age appropriate curriculum incorporates an understanding of new concepts each year they are at our school.


Play supports the physical, social and emotional development in children. Through play, children develop the ways of expressing emotions and working out behaviors that enable them to create positive relationships with other children. At SOTV we encourage play through manipulatives, dramatic play, construction toys, art materials, books, puzzles, climbing structures, sand, water, sensory tables, and the outdoors. We allow children the time they need to engage in meaningful play.


Our classes use the Zoo-Phonics curriculum to teach the children to lock the sounds and shapes of the alphabet into memory through animal characters and body movements. The Zoo- Phonics program fully involves the child’s eyes, ears, mouth and body as they learn phonemic awareness, the alphabet, and how to create words. Zoo-Phonics won the 2011 Teachers Choice award for best classroom curriculum! Zoo- Phonics brings fun and excitement into the classroom! www.zoo-phonics.com


Our classes use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This curriculum develops coloring, drawing, counting, and handwriting readiness through music and multi-sensory learning materials. Children will enjoy forming letters with wood pieces, play dough, chalk, and magnet boards. We will also develop the child’s body awareness through “Mat Man”. HWOT has won the Distinguished Achievement Award for the best children’s curriculum as well as the Teacher’s Choice award from Learning Magazine. www.hwtears.com


Our classes use math concepts throughout the day. We sing songs with mathematical ideas, read books that showcase math, build with blocks where children practice their skills in spatial awareness, number and operations, pattern and measurement. In addition to everyday activities our Preschool classes use HWOT to introduce numbers and number concepts. Our Pre-Kindergarten and Junior-Kindergarten classes use the Horizons Math curriculum. Horizons Math encourages concepts that are developed with hands-on activities that actively engage children in the learning process. The program is introduced in the Pre-Kindergarten class and students that go on to our Junior Kindergarten class will continue to learn new concepts in the program. Horizons

Social Studies

Children will learn about the world in which they live. We will explore our community through field trips, visits from resource people, games, literature, dances, art activities, maps, and cultural differences. We also enjoy an International Picnic to learn more about the many different cultures in our world.

Music and Movement

Music is a universal language and provides a link to emotions. Music brings joy, and is an important way to be part of our diverse culture. Children will use music and movement in their classes as well as have a weekly music class with our music teacher. The music program we use is New Bridge Songs for Learning. The program includes the use of our voices, body movement, and senses. Simple instruments are used such as music sticks, maracas, bells, and tambourines. Children will dance with scarves and enjoy the use of the parachute. www.newbridgeonline.com


It is our pleasure to share the love of the Lord with your children. Our staff will model and encourage the children to follow the ways of the Lord in their classrooms through devotions, prayer and learning to treat each other with love and kindness. Children will have a weekly chapel lesson with Pastor Weller or the Director. During Chapel children will sing praise songs, learn a weekly bible story out of “The Jesus Storybook Bible”, and pray together. Each new student to SOTV will receive a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible so that they can continue their knowledge of the bible stories with their family. www.jesusstorybookbible.com


Art is a way to express feelings and understanding. At SOTV we give opportunity to enhance artistic and creative development. Children will use a variety of art media to draw, paint, print, mold, and create. Children will also visit “Art Cart” once a month with our Art Teacher to create a collage. During Art Cart children choose their art materials from the art buffet cart. They decide the amount, placement and design. This gives them the opportunity to be the creator of their work and shows an expression of their ideas.


Our Science curriculum follows the Content Standards of the National Academy of Sciences. Children will experience hands on activities in the areas of Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Science and Technology, Nature, and Weather. We encourage children’s curiosity, exploration, and problem solving skills through our age appropriate Science experiences.


Cooking in the classroom is always a favorite! Children will have the opportunity to work with a variety of foods. They will bake, create, put together, and taste new and exciting foods. Children will also learn healthy eating habits for the bodies God gave them! In our cooking lessons children will build skills in grating, scooping and pouring. They will develop math skills while exploring quantity, weight, measurement, size, transformations, and concept of time. We will also learn new vocabulary as cooking has a language of its own!


Our classes will practice numbers, songs and simple phrases in Spanish. We will perform our songs at our end of the year celebration!

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